Degrees and Certifications:

Deputy Brandon Reed

What is the SRO Program?

  •     The SRO program is based on a philosophy that the School Resource Officer is an educator in safety and law-related issues, a law-related counselor, a resource to the school administration and, of course, a law enforcement officer. The officer, while in school, becomes involved in a variety of functions aimed at prevention of violence and crime.

         Each School Resource Officer receives training specific to their position in the schools. They attend a 40-hour Basic School Resource Officer Training as well as continuing education in school-related issues. 

         The SRO is an active, high profile police officer. The SRO assists school staff within the school and campus area in an effort to detect and deter any unruly, delinquent or criminal activity. SRO's take reports on incidents that happen on school property and investigate them. Incidents being investigated at the school can result in an informational report, a summons or an arrest.

        The SRO also provides a link between the Douglas County Sheriff's office, the Ava City Police and the student community. There are many excellent opportunities for role-modeling and mentoring as well. 

School Resource Officer (SRO)

  •      Although employed by the Ava R-I School District, the Douglas County Sherriff's Department provides training for our School Resource Officer to assist school officials in creating a safe environment. The School Resource Officer is available as a resource for parents, students, and faculty. The School Resource Officer will be on site as a visible presence, to make presentations, to advise and counsel, and to support the school and its community.

Officer Reed teaches student how to tie his tie